9 Reasons The Silencer Has To Survive DC’s Purge Of The New Age Of DC Heroes

It’s no secret DC Comics’ New Age of DC Heroes initiative hasn’t gone exactly as planned. What emerged as an eight-title push to integrate new character’s following DC’s Dark Nights: Metal has dwindled down to two titles: The Terrifics and The Silencer.

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Looking at the title that started things off, The Silencer has shown promise under writer Dan Abnett, who’s been the one constant throughout the storytelling of Honor Guest. She has displayed the potential to surpass some long-standing DC characters. In fact, if there’s one title DC cannot cancel from the floundering idea, it’s The Silencer. To prove why, here are 10 Reasons The Silencer needs to survive DC’s purge of the New Age of Heroes characters.

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9 She’s Already Had Screentime

It took almost no time for Honor Guest to hit the small screen. Portrayed by Miranda Edwards (Mean Girls, Orphan Black and The Magicians), The Silencer showed up for the seventh season of the CW staple Arrow. Although it appeared she had a different story than the comics, that’s nothing new. What matters is doing the character’s personality justice and creating a background that’s not too far from what fans expect.

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Bringing the character to live-action also introduces the character to a new audience of those who are only fans of the show and don’t necessarily read comics. Additionally, it gives those who do read comics but may have overlooked The Silencer a taste of what the character can be.

8 The Silencer Beat Deathstroke

Not only has Honor beaten Slade Wilson, one of the greatest assassins in the DC Universe, she beat him the first chance she got in The Silencer #4. The second time around (The Silencer #5) was a bit different, as he needed her. Even then she was still able to surprise him twice.

Anyone able to put up a fight against Deathstroke, never mind surviving the fight or even winning one, is not someone to be taken lightly. On its own, that fight is probably a big part of why everyone in Leviathan, the crime group she helped create, feared her.

7 Leviathan

Speaking of that group she helped create, Leviathan is a spin-off of the League of Assassins. The whole thing is Talia al Ghul’s pet project. However, she’ll be the first to say none of it happens without The Silencer. That belief is why The Silencer is in such a bind through issue #13.

The group as a whole is filled with degenerates and creatures of all types. The Silencer has given us Quietus, a bio-mod crime boss and Raze, an assassin who uses invisibility like Honor does silence, along with other lunatics. There are probably plenty more to come too.

6 The Silencer’s Look

Honor Guest rocks a full-body suit with what looks like a baseball cap. It’s not necessarily the flashiest look, but it’s certainly unique. While she’s fit like most superheroes, her suit isn’t distracting, in the sense that your attention isn’t drawn away by a Harley Quinn-like outfit. She’s similar to Deathstroke or Red Hood, who aren’t intimidating solely because they’re jacked out of their minds. Their outfits are sleek so they can be quick and efficient.

Also, according to Sandu Florea’s profile on DCcomics.com, the artist who took over as penciler in The Silencer #13 will continue with the character through at least issue #15. And he’s shown right away he knows how to bring her to life better than anyone thus far.

5 Honor Held Her Own Against Batman

If beating Deathstroke wasn’t enough, The Silencer has fought Batman and held her own (The Silencer Annual #1). It’s hard to tell how things would have ended because she wasn’t there to defeat Bruce Wayne. She was there to aid him.

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Sent by Ra’s al Ghul, The Reaper, one of the League of Assassins’ many deadly assets, was on assignment to kill Batman. With Talia al Ghul’s master plan in place, which included her and Batman’s son, Damian, she was hell-bent on keeping him alive. Needless to say, Honor completed her task.

4 Unresolved issues

To say Honor Guest has a lot going on in her life would be putting it mildly. At the moment, she’s dealing with Talia al Ghul and her manipulative tactics. Somehow she is, once again, The Silencer, despite trying to put that life behind her. However, working under Talia this time around will be a little different. Honor has lost who she is and will have to fight unnatural causes to get things back together. Her struggles in this next chapter alone will make for a page-turning read.

If Honor gets away from the assassin life, she still has to deal with her family. Her husband, Blake, and their son, Ben, think she’s gone following the mayhem from The Silencer #9 and #10. Not to mention, Blake is questioning their relationship altogether. Thanks to Talia’s manipulation, he’s wondering how he even wound up with Honor in the first place.

3 Honor’s unique background

Even as a child, The Silencer possessed an ability to create what’s called her “Zone of Silence.” Those at St. Hadrian’s, a school affiliated with the League of Assassins, described it as a metagenic ability. Outside of that, there’s still so much to learn from her pre-League of Assassins days. Where did she come from? How, in fact, did she come to possess her abilities? Who were her parents? The list goes on.

Even with her abilities, all Honor wants is a simple life. Unfortunately, Talia has done everything possible to take that from her. Talia can’t comprehend why Honor wants the simple life and it’s a question that needs answering.

2 Talia al Ghul

This story isn’t possible without Talia al Ghul’s incessant persistence. Now, she’s always been evil, obviously. But this is different. Talia refuses to let Honor out of the game, despite “caring for her.” It’s not because Honor will expose Leviathan or destroy it, unless someone forces her hand. Talia wants The Silencer by her side because she’s one of the most fearsome women in the world. So long as The Silencer is by her side, Talia believes she’s capable of anything.

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Part of that plays into her trust for The Silence. Honor may want out but she’s always been loyal to Talia, so long as she doesn’t threaten the Guest family. Talia al Ghul is an outstanding villain in this series. She does everything you need and more.

1 The Silencer is the Total Package

Honor Guest has everything. She has a cool look. She’s killing everyone in her path in order to be a “regular mom,” which is also her purpose. She’s fought hordes of killers, supernatural monsters and more, and won. If given the chance, anyone can find something they appreciate about the Silencer.

DC got one thing right in their New Age of DC Heroes lineup, so hopefully, they recognize that and keep her around.

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