A Major Villain Defeats Superman, Superboy & Supergirl on DC Cover

Brian Michael Bendis has never been shy about releasing early artwork for his comic book projects. Fans of his social media accounts are lucky enough to get a glimpse at what’s in store for DC titles such as Superman, Action Comics and Young Justice, to name a few.

Bendis’ latest tease is for an upcoming issue of Superman with artists Ivan Reis, Joe Prado and Alex Sinclair and features the Man of Steel, his recently-aged son Superboy (Jonathan Kent) and cousin Supergirl. However, instead of looking like a Super Trinity, the trio are shown unconscious and defeated by their newest adversary, Rogol Zaar.

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“Coming soon in superman… by @ivanreisart @joeprado2017 and a very special shout out to superman colorist @sinccolor Who has been a phenomenal collaborator and a major voice on this book! #superman #superboy #supergirl#supermishpucha #rogolzaar#coloristappreciation,” Bendis captioned in an Instagram post.

Created by Bendis and Jim Lee, Rogol Zaar debuted in Action Comics #1000 and is named after one of the doctors that attended to Bendis during a recent health scare. Rogol Zaar was revealed to have played a major role in the destruction of Superman’s home planet of Krypton. Much of Bendis’ time on Superman and Action Comics has dealt with the Rogol Zaar threat, with Supergirl picking up on those threads as well.

Jon Kent recently returned to Earth after going on a galactic adventure with his grandfather, Jor-El. Instead of returning as a young boy, Jon is now a teenager, with his best estimate putting him around 17-years-old since time passed more quickly in space than on Earth.

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