Avengers Star Reportedly Joins Kingsman Prequel

The Kingsman franchise is looking back at its history for the next entry in the series. The third film will serve as a prequel to the previous two films, exploring the origins of the international spy organization during the events of the first World War. Reports have confirmed the involvement of a number of stars who have already joined the project, and now the film has added an Avengers: Age of Ultron actor to its ranks.

Baz Bamigboye of Daily Mail Celeb has posted to Twitter announcing that Aaron Taylor-Johnson has signed on to the film. Taylor-Johnson previously worked with director Matthew Vaughn almost 10 years ago in Kick-Ass. Since then, Vaughn directed X-MenFirst Class and launched the Kingsman series, while Taylor-Johnson has been featured in films like AvengersAge of UltronGodzilla and Nocturnal Animals.

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Other members of the cast so far confirmed for the film include Charles Dance (Game of Thrones), Daniel Bruh (Captain America: Civil War), Ralph Finnes (The Grand Budapest Hotel), Rhys Ifans (Alice Through the Looking-Glass) and newcomer Harris Dickinson.

Directed by Matthew Vaughn, the untitled Kingsman prequel is tentatively expected to be released Nov. 9.

(via Empire Online)

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