Brian Michael Bendis Teases Leviathan, DC’s Next “Monumental” Event

Since last year,  Action Comics, Superman and Young Justice writer Brian Michael Bendis has been dropping teases about an upcoming event called “Leviathan.”

After posting a slideshow on his Instagram of upcoming movements and events in 2019, Bendis has offered up another hint about “Leviathan” and revealed that it will feature artwork provided by his frequent collaborator Alex Maleev.

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“You will soon hear a lot about it,” Bendis wrote in the latest Jinxworld newsletter seen in his and David Mack’s Cover #5. “It’s something so big, so monumental to the DC Universe, it was worth pausing our numerous creator-owned stuff for.”

While Bendis and Maleev have recently completed another volume of their creator-owned series Scarlet, Bendis added that “This special event story lets Alex do everything he’s ever wanted to do at DC.”

Bendis added that he and Maleev will either continue Scarlet or move on to another creator-owned title after “Leviathan.”

Maleev first collaborated with Bendis on Image Comics’ Sam and Twitch, which followed two cops  in Spawn’s dark, supernatural world, and continued collaborating on Daredevil, Spider-Woman, Moon Knight, International Iron Man, Infamous Iron Man and various Avengers titles.

It’s worth noting that DC already has a massive criminal organization called Leviathan. Created by Grant Morrison and David Finch in 2011, Leviathan has roots in organized crime and terrorism on a global scale.

Leviathan played a big role in Batman Incorporated, where Talia al-Ghul was revealed to be the organization’s leader. As that story revealed, Talia  formed Leviathan to be the antithesis of Batman Incorporated and dedicated it to spreading death, destruction, crime and anarchy to spite Batman for rejecting her romantic affections.

After Talia was defeated, Leviathan’s resources and structure was absorbed by another secret organization, Spyral, which notably employed former Robin Dick Grayson.

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While Bendis has peppered his storylines in Action Comics and Superman with references to the criminal organization, he told Newsarama that he was working on a storyline that would include Leviathan, Spyral and Checkmate, another DC covert organization, last November. The early promotional materials for the recently-released Action Comics #1006, by Bendis and Ryan Sook, even teased “the rise of Leviathan.”

Before teaming up for “Leviathan,” Bendis and Maleev will also have a story together in Detective Comics #1000, which is on sale March 27, 2019.

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