Culkin, Pesci Re-Team for Home Alone ‘Sequel’ in Google Home Super Bowl Spot

Twenty-eight years after Kevin McCallister was left home alone for Christmas, the Wet Bandits are still watching him.

Macaulay Culkin, who played the young troublemaker in the 1990 film Home Alone, reprised the role in December for a commercial for Google Assistant. The ad showed the character reliving his adventure with the double advantages of adulthood and modern technology at his side, so that he not only lounges around his empty house in comfort, but keeps it safe with a few words spoken to his Google Assistant.

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The amusing throwback to the classic holiday movie was successful enough that Joe Pesci, who played one of the burglars thwarted by Kevin, apparently wanted in on the action. Google’s new commercial is a remix of the original “Home Alone Again,” cut together with scenes of Pesci watching its Super Bowl premiere.

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As Culkin’s ad plays, Pesci alerts his friends, gazes wistfully at the screen and provides unnecessary commentary to explain the jokes. Near the end, he says, “Okay, here’s my big part,” in anticipation of the one line spoken by his character from inside a van, and earns cheers all around. “I nailed it,”  he agrees. “I did. I nailed it.”

Pesci has been nailing it in his Hollywood career for years, but if he’s nostalgic for the movie that so many of today’s adults grew up on… he’s not alone.

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