DC Delivers a Crushing Response to Wendy’s Viral Marvel Preference

Wendy’s has found itself at the center of the age-old debate about which publisher is better: Marvel Comics or DC Comics. This interesting turn of events began when comic book writer Gail Simone, who has penned books for both Marvel and DC, asked the official Wendy’s Twitter page which of the two they preferred, with the fast food giant answering, “Marvel.”

In response to Wendy’s’ declaration, DC Chief Creative Officer/Publisher Jim Lee posted a photo to Twitter of himself and fellow DC Comics publisher Dan DiDio eating McDonald’s and Burger King, respectively, at their “Weekly Publishers Meeting.” DiDio, who was especially committed to the bit, also donned a Burger King paper crown.

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This humorous image from the DC publishers resulted in several comics industry pros responding in kind, including Donny Cates, Jimmy Palmiotti, Mitch Gerads, Paul Dini and Gail Simone herself. DC’s official Twitter page responded as well, asking Lee if he “Jokerized” his fries (a reference to the fictional Batman-themed fast food restaurant Batburger).

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Wendy’s also responded to Lee’s tweet, writing, “Got an Umbrella Academy: Dallas #1 variant for sale now if anyone’s looking. Also thank you for being one of the most legendary artists ever.”

Of course, this online fast food feud between Marvel and DC appears to be all in good fun. The person/people behind the Wendy’s Twitter page previously explained that they love all comics, but simply find the Marvel universe especially engaging. It just goes to show that at the end of the day, comics are all about having fun.

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