DC Engines of Chaos Figures Put Batman, Poison Ivy in a Dystopian Gotham City

A new post-apocalyptic-themed line of figures has been announced by DC Collectibles. The DC Engines of Chaos line finds fan-favorite characters reimagined for a harsh, brutal setting, navigating the world through the use of high-speed motorbikes.

Unveiled at this year’s Toy Fair, the first two figures in the line include alternate versions of Batman and Poison Ivy, each mounted atop their own appropriately-themed motorcycles. The line is designed by acclaimed artist Riley Rossmo (Martin Manhunter, Dark Nights: The Batman Who Laughs) and is expected to be available this November.

The Batman figure features an incarnation of the Caped Crusader wearing a makeshift cape and armor complete with a face-covering mask. He fends off deadly Joker robots as he rides, his motorcycle fitted with an enormous Gatling gun across a sandy chase.

The Poison Ivy figure shows a version of Pamela Isley in a leather biker outfit, riding in what appears to a be moped. She waters the various sinister looking plants with a mounted hose as she drives across a grassy knoll with a mean smirk on her face.

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