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There’s something about classic comic book covers that speaks out to fans, whether it’s the history of the industry or nostalgia over the early days of our favorite heroes, we love exploring classic covers. Thankfully Displate has a huge selection of classic DC Comics covers that have been printed on high-quality metal posters that are available today for 13% off with the code “JAN13” at checkout!


The Trinity consists of the premiere heroes of the DC Universe – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman – and they have collectively become the heroic ideal that other characters aspire to in the comics. Displate has the debut covers for each hero from either their first appearance or first self-titled comic for fans to bring home today!

It’s hard to find two more iconic comic book covers than Action Comics #1 or Detective Comics #27, which feature the first appearances of Superman and Batman, respectively. And while Wonder Woman first appeared in All-Star and Sensational Comics, fans can also bring home her first solo issue cover from Wonder Woman #1.


There have been quite a few first appearances covers over the years from all kinds of characters, but the cover for Showcase #4 is special for a few reasons. not only does it feature the first appearance of Barry Allen as The Flash, but it also marked the beginning of the Silver Age of Comics when a number of new characters were created based on classic Golden Age heroes.

Of course, the Silver Age saw the development of new heroes as well, with Detective Comics #359 introducing readers to Barbara Gordon/Batgirl for the first time. This comic holds even more weight as it would lead to the first appearance of Batgirl on the 60’s Batman TV show, played by Yvonne Craig.


Comics aren’t always happy adventures and healthy life lessons, and we’ve seen some serious issues dealt with by our favorite heroes over the years. One of the best examples of this comes from Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams’ Green Lantern/Green Arrow run that saw the heroes deal with many issues, including dealing with drug addiction.

For a bit of a lighter take on epic events, fans can also pick up a beautiful print of Superman #199, which features a legendary race between the Man of Steel and the Fastest Man Alive, Barry Allen/Flash. The cover highlights the ongoing debate over which character was faster and was one of a few races that would occur between the two DC heroes.

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