Doom Patrol: Alan Tudyk’s Villainous Mr. Nobody, Explained

For some fans, Doom Patrol feels like the least likely DC Comics property to find its way to the small screen. The heroes who make up the team’s ranks are strange and enigmatic, and their adversaries even more so. But with the success of other little known or often maligned heroes and villains getting their own highly lucrative live-action adaptions, the misconception that comic books are unfilmable is rapidly eroding. Studios are now willing to take bigger risks in bringing strange properties to life. Films like Guardians of the Galaxy and Aquaman, and television shows like Preacher and Happy!, have solidified the fact that no comic book is untouchable.

The DC Universe streaming service might be pushing this theory to its limit with the upcoming Doom Patrol. Not only will the series’ heroes feel a bit strange for most audiences (with the exception of Cyborg, who has received a lot of exposure over the last few years), the lead villain, who showed up in a teaser spot recently, is arguably one of the weirdest antagonists to grace a comic book in the last 30 years. That villain is the twisted, avant-garde menace Mr. Nobody.

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Actor Alan Tudyk (FireflyRogue One: A Star Wars Story) will be portraying Mr. Nobody through motion capture and voice performance. This is by no means outside the realm of Tudyk’s expertise. He’s played many eccentric characters throughout his career both in front of and behind the camera, but his role as Mr. Nobody is so much more than a sassy robot or a sweet, bumbling spaceship pilot.

The origin of Mr. Nobody began in the Silver Age, in Doom Patrol #86 back in 1964. This version of the character was a far cry from what viewers will see in the television adaptation. The villain originally appeared as a would-be member of the Brotherhood of Evil, named Eric Mornden. After a falling out with the leader of the Brotherhood, the Brain, Eric fled into hiding. For decades, that was all we heard from the character.

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