How Scarlet Witch Concept Art Teases How the MCU Avenger Almost Looked

Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, has had one of the most radical redesigns of any character within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Most of her classic costumes from the original Marvel Universe are far too comic booky to appear within the more realistic elements of the film universe. But while her costume has taken inspiration from the comics, it’s also evolved in its own across her time in the MCU.

Now, we’re taking a look back at the officially released MCU concept art that shows how the Avenger’s look was conceived over the course of the various films she appeared in. We’ll also look at concept art for the upcoming Disney+ series WandaVision, and how it could finally bring a major part of her look to live-action.

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Scarlet Witch’s Original Look

Scarlet Witch has a notoriously difficult costume to try and adapt to a live-action film. Her distinctive headpiece, pink bodysuit and billowing cape would be difficult to see working in real life. Much of the concept art for the character for both her cameo appearance in the credits tag for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and her full MCU introduction in Avengers: Age of Ultron gave her a more modern sense of fashion that still tried to incorporate her basic color design. Some of the potential looks gave the character a skirt or dress. However, many of the designs (like the eventual version of her costume that made it into the MCU) incorporated tight black pants. This replaced the bright pink leggings and bodysuit she wore in the comics.

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A jacket became a consistent part of all the designs, allowing Wanda to maintain a crimson red primary color scheme while still achieving a bit of the cape’s ability to flutter in action. However, Age of Ultron made it a more common jacket before trading it for a red leather piece when she officially joins the Avengers at the very end of the film. Notably, one piece of concept art that was considered did it’s best to incorporate a sleeker version of her headpiece, but this was eventually removed since the costume still resembled civilian clothes. Even her eventual superhero suit (which traded a ripped skirt and leggings of Age of Ultron with the pants) is more apt for civilian wear than many of the conceptual costumes considered.

Civil War Threads

Scarlet Witch Concept art

The concept art for Captain America: Civil War initially showcased Wanda wearing the same kind of civilian clothes that she wore during the climax of Age of Ultron for the battle in Lagos, but the film gave her a more basic look with a plain green jacket and black dress. She lacks any of the red that usually defines her costumes. Eventually, however, she adopts the red coat and black leather pants when she flees the Avengers Compound alongside Hawkeye. This becomes her look during the massive airport fight between Iron Man and Captain America’s forces, and would become her standard look for the following two Avengers films.

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This was reflected in the concept art for the film, although one design by Andy Park did make another attempt at incorporating the headpiece into her overall costume. While her costume was defined with much of the elements from these designs, the headdress was among the pieces dropped from the look before it made the leap to live-action. However, it seems that her headpiece might finally get to appear in the Scarlet Witch’s next MCU appearance.


Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Wanda’s life is in shambles. After having gone into hiding with Vision and leaving the Avengers, she’s left alone after Thanos murders Vision to claim the Mind Stone held within Vision’s head. But Vision and Wanda will star – in some form – in the upcoming Disney+ series WandaVision. The show will move Wanda and a seemingly revived (and human) version of Vision. The one teaser that’s been released since the announcement hints that the show will riff on a 1950s sitcom.

Wanda’s outfit in the teaser looks like a ’50s housewife version of the character, retaining the red color scheme but adding a white trim – which was actually an element in some of the original concept art for the Scarlet Witch that was ultimately was cut. However, the shadows to the characters in the background hint that the superheroic histories of the characters is just hiding under the surface of the film. Notably, Wanda’s shadow seems to include the horn-like headpiece that her MCU version has yet to wear.

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