In 2050, Dean Cain Is a Premier Sex-Bot Salesman. Really.

Dean Cain’s latest project, an indie sci-fi flick called 2050, sees him take on the role of a vaunted sex robot salesman.

2050 is a satiric fantasy that introduces Maxwell (Cain), the mastermind behind a warehouse that customizes androids for “human companionship.” Maxwell grows to like the idea of helping people fall for his machines.

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The film is produced by David Vaughn, Chris Riquinha, Princeton Holt and Brian Ackley. Vaughn stars alongside Cain as Michael Greene, while Riquinha appears as David. Holt directed the film off a script penned by Ackley.

2050 will get a limited release starting on Valentine’s Day in New York, where the film was shot. The film will open in NYC before heading to several other cities. AMC Theaters will join the run in February by opening the film on several of its screens for weekly engagements.

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With someone from the cast or crew in attendance every weekend for Q&A events, 2050 will slowly make its way across select cities, including NYC, Los Angeles, Houston, Nashville and Baltimore, which will keep the film in theaters until at least June.

Additional venues and cities will be announced soon. Meanwhile, Cain and the cast are making the rounds to promote the movie, which has won 10 awards and screened at genre film festivals including Berlin Sci-Fi, Other World’s Austin and Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival.

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