Is Alpha REALLY The Walking Dead’s Greatest Villain?

WARNING: The following article details instances of sexual assault pertinent to the story of The Walking Dead character Alpha.

If there’s one thing AMC’s The Walking Dead has given us in spades, it’s a plethora of cruel and twisted villains. Like the comics, the show has held little back, ensuring these sinister figures add even more tension, suspense and, through their murderous actions, horror to the franchise.

Now, don’t get us wrong, Negan truly is a bastard. We grew to hate David Morrissey’s the Governor, but we did sympathize with him a bit when the show detailed his background and how he lost his family in this zombie apocalypse. Everywhere he went he faced death, as well as untrustworthy humans, so when the time came for him to build a new world order, he did so with an iron fist.

Of course, seeing him still trying to have emotional moments with his zombified daughter in captivity made us tear up, but ultimately we enjoyed the Governor’s death, as he did behead Hershel. Then, along came Negan, who took over the mantle of the series’ main antagonist, a merciless killer who loved brutality and bloodshed just for the sheer fun of it.

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Morgan’s bravado really made the character jump off the pages, exemplified by how he’d proceed to make an impactful debut by bashing Glenn’s brains in with his barbed-wire bat, Lucille. He added Abraham to the fatality list for good measure, moving well past his depiction in the books. The show carried on with Negan’s dark ways, demanding tributes as a dictator and the leader of the Saviors, taking half of everything Alexandria, Hilltop and Kingdom grew and ensuring his reign was that of a vindictive government.

Seriously, you can’t help but think of the nastiest politicians when it comes to Negan. Also, seeing how many of Rick’s people he killed, plus how he tried to corrupt Carl, we can’t fault anyone for thinking that he’s the walking, talking epitome of the devil. He embodies hatred in the way he keeps gloating about how he killed Rick’s companions, especially to make Glenn’s wife, Maggie, squirm. Honestly, it’s hard to think there’s a villain sicker than him, but rest assured: Alpha has even more unforgivable traits under her skin.

The Walking Dead Season 9 B Whisperers

Characters like the Governor, and even Shane (who simply wanted to be with Lori Grimes as he was in love with her and wanted to protect her), all had some altruism ingrained in their selfish ways. Negan himself is a sadist, but we understand him as a simple-minded creature who gets off on torture, control and power. Alpha, on the other hand, is heartless to her own and has no method to her unpredictable madness.

The Whisperers wear the skin of the undead to blend in and go about murdering to mark and protect their territory, but Alpha’s mind is beyond broken in a way Negan could ever be. The show already had the Whisperers kill Jesus, but trust us, once it kicks into high gear with the midseason premiere of “Adaptation,” we expect to see more of Alpha’s gory brand of justice fleshed out.

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