Kingdom Hearts 4: Why an FFXIV World Would Be a Perfect Fit

With the recent announcement of Kingdom Hearts IV, many fans have been abuzz with speculation as to the storylines, plot twists and general gameplay improvements that Square Enix will implement. One of the most important aspects of the Kingdom Hearts series is the various worlds that Sora and his friends navigate, explore and help to save. These worlds are often themed after popular Disney franchises, like Hercules, Mulan, Pirates of the Caribbean and Lion King. Still, there are many worlds not yet covered in the Kingdom Hearts games. One world that would fit perfectly into the proceedings is that of Final Fantasy XIV.

Another beloved franchise of Square Enix, Final Fantasy XIV has been widely popular among long-time fans of JRPGs and MMOs alike. With its already large (and always increasing) popularity, and with the release of Endwalker, it’s no wonder that hundreds of players would be itching to see the universes of Final Fantasy XIV and Kingdom Hearts finally have a true crossover. One of the best and most viable ways to do this would be in the form of a new FFXIV world in Kingdom Hearts.

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FFXIV’s Iconic Characters Would Be Right At Home In KH4

Zenos as the Reaper class in FFXIV

One of the main reasons why Final Fantasy XIV would make a great addition as a world in Kingdom Hearts IV is its iconic cast of characters. Whether it’s the game’s broad roster of protagonists such as Thancred, Y’shtola, Alphinaud, Alisaie, Estinien or Urianger, or its wide assortment of fleshed-out antagonists from Emet Selch to Zenos, these personalities would lend a lot of flavor to the franchise. Square Enix really doesn’t have to look far to find a character capable of carrying part of the narrative in the game and keeping the player invested with their host of complex motivations.

FFXIV’s Popularity Makes It Perfect For KH4

With the slow decline of World Of Warcraft, the MMO space hasn’t been this competitive in a long time. MMOs from Star Wars: The Old Republic to Elder Scrolls: Online have been fighting to soak up the player base leaving the toppling giant. No other MMO has capitalized more on this than Final Fantasy XIV, which has seen steady growth in its player base due to its engaging story and challenging PvE content. Because of its success, it’s likely many Kingdom Hearts players would recognize and eagerly anticipate the inclusion of a Final Fantasy XIV themed world into the game.

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FFXIV Vast World Is A Compelling Setting For KH4

Sharlayan in Endwalker FFXIV

The World of Final Fantasy XIV has a deep lore and a rich, varied history with multiple cultures, eras and cosmic-level threats. These include the Umbral and Astral Eras, Primals, The Garlean Empire, The 13 Shards and the Dragonsong War. There are a plethora of environments, both ancient and new, in which Final Fantasy XIV‘s inclusion in Kingdom Hearts could take place. This helps add to the excitement fans of both games may feel when encountering this world, as what lies around each corner could be some grand call-back brimming with nostalgia and possibilities.

Final Fantasy Has Mixed Well With Kingdom Hearts in the Past


This wouldn’t be the first time that the Final Fantasy franchise has featured in a Kingdom Hearts title. Crossovers have actually been rather common, from Cloud appearing in the first Kingdom Hearts game to returning characters appearing alongside a host more in Kingdom Hearts 2. Both franchises have always shared a close link, and there’s nothing to say those crossovers won’t continue, but perhaps this time with characters and elements from Final Fantasy XIV due to its increased popularity.

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