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Over the years, Victor Von Doom has easily established himself as one of the biggest baddies in all of Marvel Comics. Aside from being the Fantastic Four’s greatest villain, Dr. Doom has proven to be a challenge for many other Marvel characters.

Likewise, he is easily one of the most plainly evil villains in all of comics. With very little motivations aside from personal gain, Doom’s vast intelligence makes him one of the most vile villains ever. In our never-ending bid to recount comic book history, here is our list of the 10 worst things Dr. Doom has ever done.

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10 Became a Dictator

For quite some time now, Victor Von Doom has been the on-and-off ruler/dictator of the fictitious country, Latveria. Though it is a very small country, Doom’s guidance has made the entire nation one of the most feared on the planet. Thanks to Doom’s advances in science and magic, Latveria is one of the most advanced and well-protected nations in the Marvel Universe.

However, it is also one of the most suppressed. Doom, of course, rules the nation as a ruthless dictator, often doing as he pleases with its citizens. As you can imagine, being ruled by Doom is no easy task in and of itself. As one of the most evil characters in all of Marvel, Doom’s rule over Latveria just showcases how truly horrible he can be.

9 Became the Silver Surfer

Way back during the Silver Age of comics, Dr. Doom actually managed to successfully steal the Silver Surfer’s board. In doing so, Doom also acquired all of the powers that came with being a herald of Galactus, making him immeasurably powerful. Of course, with his newfound powers, Doom immediately sets his sight on the Fantastic Four, taking out most of them before the Thing can get a move in.

As the Thing tackles Doom, he manages to knock him off the board and return the powerful artifact to its rightful owner. Thankfully, Doom didn’t have the power for too long. Knowing how he can be, it is almost certain that he would have done an incredible amount of damage had the Fantastic Four not been there to stop him.

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8 Invaded Wakanda

During Marvel’s Doomwar event, Victor Von Doom actually managed to invade and take over Wakanda. Determined to use the country’s supply of Vibranium, Doom fashioned himself an all-new suit of armor. This made his battlesuit all the more durable and powerful, hence making him a greater threat.

Eventually, Black Panther is forced to deplete much of Wakanda’s remaining supply of vibranium in order to defeat the villain. Though Wakanda would eventually make a full recovery, Doom still dealt a devastating blow and also firmly established himself as one of Marvel’s deadliest villains.

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7 Made Mr. Fantastic Kill The Thing

After the Fantastic Four invade Latveria, hoping to finally put an end to Doom for good, Reed Richards accidentally frees Doom’s spirit from hell. In true ghostly fashion, Doom then bounces between the bodies of each member of the Four. Of course, Doom’s mind, combined with the power of any member of the Four, is a recipe for disaster.

After settling into the Thing’s body, Mr. Fantastic killed the Thing in a fit of desperation. While both Ben Grimm and Doom would eventually make a return, this situation really showcases just how intense the rivalry between Richards and Doom truly is.

6 Took Over The World

On a few occasions, Doom has actually succeeded in taking over the world. Typically, though, his reign doesn’t last long, as someone eventually comes along to take him down once again. Like with Latveria, Doom ruled the Earth much like he did his own country. For how horrible he is, though, it does make sense that Doom would achieve such a feat from time to time, especially considering how smart he is.

5 Sent the Richards to Hell

For how strained his relationship with Reed Richards is, Dr. Doom can still take things way too far. After sacrificing his childhood love, Doom then used the power he acquired from that situation to send Reed Richards to hell. However, Doom not only sent his biggest rival there, but his son, Franklin Richards, as well.

While the duo would eventually find their way back, it doesn’t change the fact that Doom still sentenced a young, innocent child to hell. Whatever tensions exist between him and Reed, knowing he was sending an innocent child to hell is still incredibly cold, even for Doom’s standards.

4 Erased the World’s Memory of Some Heroes

In the most recent Marvel Knights storyline, characters like Daredevil, Punisher, Elektra, and Hulk all found themselves without their memories. Likewise, the rest of the world also had no idea who the heroes were. As the individual characters begin to find each other and uncover the mystery, Dr. Doom and Kingpin are eventually revealed to be the masterminds behind the plot.

Using a machine developed by Reed Richards, Doom and Fisk successfully managed to wipe virtually all traces of several heroes off the face of the planet. Thankfully, the heroes discovered the duo before the two could enact anything too devastating. However, it doesn’t change the fact that Doom and Fisk still managed to pull it off in the first place.

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3 Mastered Magic

Part of what makes Dr. Doom so deadly is his mastery of all sciences. Victor Von Doom has an immense understanding of the workings of all sorts of scientific fields, including magic. With magic, Doom became deadlier in just about every way imaginable. Firstly, he was more powerful, playing with forces that even Reed Richards doesn’t fully understand. Secondly, Doom only became smarter, using his understanding of the mystic arts to further his own agendas.

With his new abilities, Doom was easily one of, if not the most powerful people on the planet. From there, he would go one to commit even more horrendous acts. While acquiring magic isn’t necessarily an evil action in and of itself, in Doom’s case, it definitely was.

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2 Murdered His Childhood Love

As mentioned previously, Doom once murdered his childhood love by sacrificing her in order to obtain greater power. What is truly evil about this situation is that Doom was fully aware of his actions as well as his feelings for her. Readers understand that Doom truly did love her but was still willing to sacrifice her for his own personal gain.

Without any influence from magic, mind control, or any other external force, Doom knowingly ended a life that he cared so deeply for. For all of his evil actions over the years, this single event shows just how far Doom is willing to go just to put himself above others.

1 Became A God

During the fairly recent Secret Wars event, Dr. Doom was actually able to achieve god-like status. As the Ultimate Universe collided with the main Marvel Universe, Doom seized the opportunity and was able to make himself the definitive ruler of what remained of the two. He then reshaped the world in his own image, and everything followed his orders. Doom was so powerful that he even had a small gallery of Thor’s as his personal police force.

Like many times in the past, Doom is eventually defeated and the Marvel Universe gets rebooted. However, this series is still the most powerful that Doom has ever been, changing him as a character so much that he even decided to try being a good guy. Shortly after the conclusion of Secret Wars, Doom would go on to become the Infamous Iron Man, even attempting to accomplish some good. While it’s debatable as to how much good he achieved, becoming a god is still Doom’s greatest and worst feat to date.

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