Marvel’s Star Wars Comics: The Biggest Changes They Made To The Movies

Disney owns both Marvel Comics and the Star Wars franchise. Both properties are hot favorites among fans. So naturally, Disney decided to mash the two together to create Marvel’s Star Wars Comics. The series adds a backstory and a front story and a whole lot of middle story to the world of Luke Skywalker and the Force.

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There have been many big and small revelations regarding Marvel’s Star Wars Universe that have unfolded in the comics over time. Some of the revelations have pleased fans. Others have enraged them. A few have merely been the source of puzzlement and confusion. Here are the biggest reveals about Star Wars movies that the comics have given us so far:

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10 What Is The Identity Of Anakin’s Father?

Anakin Skywalker was the original bad dude of Star Wars. Then he turned into Darth Vader and became one of the baddest dudes in all of fiction. Yet precious little was known about Anakin’s past other than the fact that he was a young prodigy when it came to being able to manipulate the force.

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The Darth Vader comic finally revealed that Anakin was not the result of a ‘miraculous conception’ as had been previously imagined. Anakin has a ‘sort-of’ father, in the form of Sheev Palpatine, Vader’s future mentor. Palpatine has been revealed to have used his dark influence to create a child inside Shmi Skywalker. Far from being the ‘chosen savior’ as previously speculated, Anakin had literally been created to join the dark side one day as an immensely powerful sith lord.

9 Can Han Solo Work Within A Team?

The most attractive quality that Han Solo possesses is his devil-may-care and rebellious attitude when it comes to saving the day. He may help his friends out when things get hairy, but don’t expect him to stick around and be a part of the rebel alliance, take orders from squadron captains or be someone else’s stooge.

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But Star Wars #54 shows that when it comes down to it, Han has no problem playing on a team. Han is shown to jump into battle right alongside the Rogue Squadron, and he makes an excellent member of the team. Putting his ego to one side, Han willingly follows orders from Luke and the X-Wings pilots. Turns out Han’s brashness was not an insurmountable obstacle to working with the rebellion, even if he could never quite give up his smuggler ways entirely.

8 Did Chewie Get A Medal For His Services?

Everyone’s favorite hairy Star Wars character got a bit of a raw deal in the movies. In spite of being Han’s co-pilot during his mission to provide cover fire for Luke on his mission to destroy the Death Star, Chewbacca was not awarded at the end of the movie alongside Han and Luke. Fans have long complained that this reflected poorly on the alliance and questioned whether Chewie’s appearance had anything to do with him not getting a medal.

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But the comic Chewbacca #5 reveals that he did indeed get a medal of bravery for his valor. He hands the medal over to a young girl named Zarro whom he had befriended in the past few issues while battling the empire. Zarro does not recognize the significance of the medal, but fans of Star Wars were overjoyed to discover that Chewie had indeed earned recognition for his services to the rebel alliance.

7 Did Han Have A Wife?

Of all the most unlikely situations you can expect Han to be stuck in, marriage is not one of them. The man fits every trope of the classic bachelor, who is irresistible to women even as he actively avoids ever having to settle down with someone. But Star Wars #6 turns this trope on its head by revealing Han’s wife.

Sana is a woman who claims to have been married to Han. For his part, Han insists the marriage had simply been part of a scam to pull off a robbery. After Han took off with her share of the loot, Sana turned against him and spent a long time hunting him down for revenge.

6 What Was Qui-Gon Jinn’s Biggest Regret?

Qui-Gon Jinn is like a Buddhist monk meets James Bond. He’s a fearsome Jedi warrior who is second to no one in battle, yet he is a pacifist by nature and abhors violence. In issue 1 of Jinn’s own comic spin-off, it is revealed that these two parts of his nature have resulted in a great deal of doubt and regret for him.

During a rare, vulnerable moment, Jinn reveals that he feels great guilt over the number of men he has killed over the years as a Jedi. He has also grown cynical of the Republic and believes both the Sith and the Jedi are two sides of the same coin. Both wish to use the force to bring about their own victory instead of pushing for a greater good and a better tomorrow.

5 Why Did Boba Fett Become A Bounty Hunter?

Star Wars: Age of the Republic – Jango Fett takes us back to Boba Fett’s youth. It also tells us the reason behind Boba deciding to follow in his father’s footsteps in turning towards a life of violence. During his first mission with his father, Boba and Jango are joined by three other rogues. Two of the other rogues try to betray them and Boba kills them without hesitation.

He lets the third rogue go so that he can spread the word far and wide about what a fearsome bandit Boba Fett is. Boba also later reveals to his father that even though he could have spared the other two rogues, he killed them because he enjoyed doing so. So basically, Boba Fett did not become a bounty hunter simply to avenge his father’s death, but because he genuinely enjoys the violent and sadistic lifestyle.

4 What Kind Of A Relationship Did Vader And Palpatine Have?

The movies showed Vader as the subservient lackey of Emperor Palpatine. Palpatine was also shown to view Vader as his right-hand man, trusted with his most important assignments. That is why Vader finally turning on Palpatine and killing him was such a dramatic moment in the movies.

However, the comics reveal that Vader and Palpatine have always had an antagonistic relationship. Palpatine was constantly scheming to replace Vader, even sending assassins after him and blaming him for the destruction of the Death Star. Vader had also grown to hate Palpatine and, in fact, blamed him for the death of his wife Padme.

3 How Did C-3PO Get His Red Arm?

In The Force Awakens, we see C-3PO randomly sporting a red arm. We never get a clear reason for this change of limb in the movie itself, but the comics expand on the story behind the new arm. While being transported to the Resistance base for questioning, C-3PO had a ward with him in the form of another droid called O-MRI, or Omrie for short.

The ship carrying the droids crash-landed on a harsh planet, where the two spent their days together discussing droid morality while on opposite sides of a war. The two became allies and when C-3PO was attacked by a swamp creature and lost his arm, Omrie saved his life, sacrificing his own in the process. C-3PO took Omrie’s arm as his own as a tribute to his fallen friend.

2 Whose Side Is Queen Trios On?

Queen Trios is a member of the Empire, but her sympathies lie with the Rebel Alliance. She strikes up a relationship with the Alliance in issue 43, passing secrets over to them and using their aid to bring down the empire from the inside. All of that changes, however, when issue 49 rolls around.

In that issue, it is revealed that Queen Trios has been working under Vader’s orders all along. She has been feeding the Alliance false information and manipulating them on behalf of Vader. And with that, Trios joins a very short list of female villains in the Star Wars universe. She didn’t directly change the movies, but having a female villain is a far cry from what we normally have seen on the big screen.

1 Why Did Vader Build His Castle?

When not carrying out his duties as an enforcer for Emperor Palpatine, Vader likes to chill at his fortress/castle on Planet Mustafar. The same planet on which the battle took place that resulted in Anakin losing his limbs and turning cybernetic. The reason why he chooses this particular location is a heartbreaking one: his wife Padme Amidala.

Padme may be gone, but Anakin’s love for her remains. By tapping into the dark side energy that is buried deep within Mustafar, Vader believes he can contact the spirit of his dead wife. The castle is built essentially like a tuning fork, designed to pick up mystical energies from even beyond the veil of death. Vader has been trying, without luck so far, to use the energies of the castle to get in touch with his deceased wife.

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