Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of DC’s New Gods

It’s official, the DC Extended Universe is back on track. Aquaman is rocking box offices right now, and Wonder Woman ’84 and Shazam! will likely do the same. But those aren’t the only exciting DC projects coming up on the big screen. Acclaimed director Ava DuVernay is bringing the Jack Kirby-created New Gods to the big screen sometime soon, as well. In order to get to know the New Gods characters a little bit better, we thought we might see which Myers-Briggs® personality types the major characters exemplify. So, to get you excited for Ava DuVernay’s sci-fi epic, here are the Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of DC’s New Gods.

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10 Metron – INTP

Metron is a little bit like a DC Comics version of Marvel’s Watcher. He is a passive observer, not driven by emotion or desire. We’re not saying that INTPs are all emotionless robots (okay, maybe a few are), but we do think that INTPs share Metron’s objective, analytical way of looking at the world. They’re scientists and mathematicians, people who can take a step back and assess the facts of a situation, then learn what they mean. Of course, Metron has a magic chair that gives him all knowledge in the universe (remember Bat-God? That was Metron’s chair), so he can assess a few more facts than your average INTP. But if INTPs had access to an omniscient Laz-E-Boy, we think Metron is a pretty good representation of how they’d act.

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9 Steppenwolf – ISFP

We’ve got to give it to the uncle of Darkseid; he seems to enjoy his work for someone employed by his nephew. Maybe being one of Darkseid’s elites has great benefits, or maybe it’s just his ISFP loyalty shining through. Steppenwolf, and for that matter, any other ISFP, makes for the perfect head henchman to a big bad. He is dedicated to his boss’s goals, even if it requires some violence. In fact, ISFPs actually enjoy practical work, stuff they can do with their hands to support their authorities or loved ones. Granted, most ISFPs are more likely to just help around the house than slaughter countless star-systems, but the point is that they’re valuable helpers. Good help is hard to find, as they say.

Please don’t slaughter countless star-systems.

8 Bekka – ENFP

You might recognize the wife of Orion from her appearance in the alternate-universe tale Justice League: Gods and Monsters. Although a lot of details changed about that version of the character, that film definitely got her characterization right. True to her status as an ENFP, Bekka can take on just about any problem. She’s not only a trained warrior but a brilliant scientist in her homeworld, so there are very few times she finds herself completely out of her element. But even with all her experience and training, Bekka isn’t afraid to think outside the box. Her imagination is just as finely tuned as her brain and body, which cements her in this position in our opinion.

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7 Forager – ENTP

Yes, we know that several characters in DC Comics Fourth World stories have gone by the name Forager. The one we’re talking about is the most recent iteration of the character, the titular hero of Young Animal’s Bug! the Adventures of Forager. This character is an ENTP almost by necessity. Forager comes from a lower level of Fourth World civilization. As his name implies, he’s got to make do with what opportunities come to him. Luckily, ENTPs are natural opportunists. They can make the best out of a bad situation, creatively reworking the details of their situations to their benefit. Because of this talent, Forager isn’t afraid to venture into new territory, perfectly fitting for the personality type the Myers-Briggs® website calls the “Enterprising Explorer.”

6 Highfather – ISFJ

Highfather is to DC Comics as Odin is to Marvel Comics. He is a great and powerful ruler, in charge of an advanced civilization and often thought of as a source of wisdom. Also like Odin, Highfather is an ISFJ. He is practical and classical as most ISFJs, valuing realism and traditional wisdom in his position as King. Highfather wants the best for his people, which means occasionally making a selfless choice. He’s devoted to their betterment and considerate of their needs, even that’s difficult. Occasionally, however, Highfather’s wisdom is too traditional. He refuses to consider others’ perspective and can make poor decisions out of arrogance. Still, Highfather does what he does because he believes it is best for his kind. And we can’t blame him for that.

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5 Granny Goodness – INFP

Granny Goodness is, if nothing else, proof of Jack Kirby’s comic book genius. From her name to her appearance, Granny is a fascinating antagonist in the DCU’s massive menu of malcontents. And we think she makes for a pretty interesting take on an INFP as well. INFPs are full of devotion to a cause, and the dark world of Apokolips is hers. Granny is a fanatic for Apokolips and its leader, Darkseid, and as such, makes a great soldier in his army. INFPs also can’t tolerate disrespect, a trait Granny Goodness has proven time and again. Respect, it seems, is an ideal that Granny Goodness values, and even though some of those other ideals are monstrous, her commitment to them will never waver.

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4 Orion – ENFJ

Orion is what we in the Dungeons & Dragons community would call a “Lawful Good.” He’s your classic hero archetype, as committed as he is inspiring. Well, ENFJs also just happen to be committed and inspiring, so we thought he’d be a good fit for this spot. Thor is also an ENFJ, and Captain America might be as well. He’s the type of good guy that’s always at the front of a battle, encouraging others by their actions to do brave and selfless things. If that’s the type of hero you think you could get behind, you should really check out Walt Simonson’s run on the character from 2000. It’s a highly underrated comic book series with some of the best New Gods characters you’ll ever find in a DC book. If nothing else, check out that book just to see how much of an ENFJ Orion is.

3 Mister Miracle – ESFP

ESFPs are gifted improvisers, which is a pretty useful trait to have if you’re constantly finding yourself in the universe’s toughest traps. Mister Miracle is maybe the most adaptable person on this list, a key characteristic that he shares with other ESFPs. He’s also very friendly and genuinely enjoys being around people, true to his extrovert nature. ESFP make great protagonists, especially in stories that feature the same type of weird sci-fi problems that Mister Miracle is in. Like an Indiana Jones or Star-Lord, it’s easy to root for Mister Miracle, the hero who approaches any enemy and makes any escape with a smile.

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2 Big Barda – ESTP

One of the most exciting things about the upcoming New Gods movie is that we’ll finally give Big Barda the attention she deserves. Seriously, Barda is a warrior that ranks right along with Wonder Woman but gets regularly underappreciated in comic book fandoms. As an ESTP, Barda is the type of hero who rushes right into battle. When she sees something evil, she goes after it. She approaches problems with energy and courage, fearlessly diving into seemingly hopeless situations. At the same time, Barda’s moral commitment doesn’t make her boring. Like other ESTPs, Barda is someone who enjoys life. Like her husband, Mister Miracle, she has a sense of humor even in the heat of battle. And that aspect of her character, plus her striking visual design, will make for an awesome New Gods movie.

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1 Darkseid – INTJ

Yeah, we know that it’s comic book blasphemy to even try to categorize Darkseid. Darkseid is, right? So you’ll have to forgive us for labeling DC’s biggest bad. However, we do have some pretty good reasons. Just like Darkseid, INTJs have long-range visions. They are excellent conceptual planners, who specialize in creating and executing complex plans. Anyone who knows Darkseid knows that this absolutely describes the Lord of Apokolips, much to the detriment of the heroes of the DCU. Darkseid is also independent like INTJs tend to be, with a serious disdain for incompetent lackeys. Hopefully, you’ll forgive us, INTJs, for placing you in the same category as basically the DCU’s Thanos. Unless, of course, you take it as a compliment. In that case, you’re welcome, and you should probably keep that to yourself.

Who’s your favorite New God character? Which Myers-Briggs® personality type would you give them? Let us know in the comment section below!

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