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One Piece follows the journey of Monkey D. Luffy on his path to becoming the King of the Pirates. With the majority of the series being focused around pirates and members of the Navy, it goes without saying that ships are an extremely important part of the series that fans often tend to overlook.

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Needless to say, One Piece‘s author, Eiichiro Oda, has done marvelous work in creating some fearsome ships that can destroy cities, while also making some of the ordinary ones that aren’t half as impressive. Here are the 5 strongest and 5 weakest known ships in the One Piece series.

10 Strongest: Oro Jackson

Created by the legendary shipwright Tom, the Oro Jackson was a marvel, whichever way you look at it. The ship was made with Adam Wood, which is extremely rare in the world of One Piece, and therefore, this ship could withstand quite a beating. It also had decent firepower, with an exquisite cannon right at the front, and likely on the sides as well.

The Oro Jackson remains the only ship to completely cross the Grand Line and reach Raftel (or Laugh Tale, as some may call it). Undoubtedly, the Oro Jackson was a work of art and a ship worthy of the Pirate King.

9 Weakest: Baratie

Baratie is a ship/restaurant in East Blue, which is home to Red-Leg Zeff and the fighting chefs who work under him. At a certain point, this ship was home to Sanji as well. Although the Baratie is massive, it lacks fire-power and is defenseless against any armed ship. To protect the ship, the chefs have to manually get to the threat before any significant damage is done to it.

It is important to note that the purpose of the Baratie isn’t to sail the Grand Line, though. The ship is meant to sit in the calm waters of East Blue and serve all the pirates and navy members alike.

8 Strongest: Island Ship

The Island ship is literally a large island flying in the sky, designed as a pirate ship. As the ship of one of the greatest pirates, Shiki, the Island Ship is undoubtedly one of the strongest. Deriving its powers from Shiki’s Fuwa Fuwa no Mi devil fruit, this ship is not only capable of flight, but also poses a great threat to any crew in the world.

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With tremendous fire-power and a ginormous size, the Island ship’s defense and offense are over-the-top. This ship can utterly destroy any other that crosses its path, and taking it down would prove to be a challenge even for the likes of the Yonko.

7 Weakest: Usoland

Usoland is the ship of the Tontatta Pirates, one of the allies of the Straw Hat Pirates, who are among the crews that have sworn their allegiance to Monkey D. Luffy. As the ship serves the Tontatta, it is extremely small in size, roughly around that of a normal human. Its width is rather impressive, but again, it doesn’t appear stellar in any way.

While the people on-board the Usoland are very powerful and not to be underestimated, the ship itself isn’t half as dangerous, making it easily one of the weakest known ships in One Piece.

6 Strongest: Queen Mama Chanter

The Queen Mama Chanter is the flagship of the Big Mom Pirates, one of the Yonko Crews, and is quite rightly one of the strongest known ships in the series. Being Big Mom’s main ship, the Queen Mama Chanter has sailed the harshest of seas without any noticeable damage. When it comes to fire-power, the ship is more than strong enough to deal with a fleet of ships at once.

What’s more, much like every other thing under Big Mom, this ship is a homie as well, meaning it is capable of its own thoughts and actions. This ship was strong enough to destroy Fisher Tiger’s legendary ship in a single strike, showing its superiority when it comes to naval combat.

5 Weakest: Coffin Boat

Used by one of the strongest characters in the series, Dracule Mihawk, the Coffin Boat is a rather weak ship when it comes to fire-power. Undoubtedly, this boat is sturdy and can take a lot of damage, which is evident from the fact that it has sailed in the Grand Line for years, but when it comes to fighting options, it certainly is lacking in the area.

While Mihawk rarely ever needs to use weapons such as cannons, the ship’s own defense doesn’t simply increase because it belongs to a strong pirate. As such, the Coffin Boat is easily one of the weakest known ships in One Piece, if not the weakest.

4 Strongest: Thriller Bark

Thriller Bark is the flagship of the Thriller Bark Pirates and the largest known ship in the entire One Piece series. Just like Shiki’s ship, Thriller Bark is carved out of an island, making it massive enough to hold an island in the middle. This ship was mostly in the Florian Triangle, where several pirates found their way into its territory, unknowingly.

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When it comes to strength, the Thriller Bark is simply too large to be taken down by any ship, bar a few that can erase islands. Its own offensive power is likely high as well, although that aspect remains unseen.

3 Weakest: Machina Hallelujah

The Machina Hallelujah is one of the ships that Oda drew back in the East Blue Saga of One Piece. This ship belonged to Gaimon’s crew and held a decent amount of men on board. Surprisingly, it was rather small and only had a single mast.

The ship was armed with three cannons from its right side, which was about it when it came to the offensive capabilities that it possessed. Unfortunately, not much else is known about the Machina Hallelujah, but it is undeniably one of the weakest known ships to have been drawn by Eiichiro Oda in One Piece.

2 Strongest: Pluton

The Pluton is unarguably the strongest known ship in One Piece. As one of the three Ancient Weapons, the Pluton is a massive ship with enough power to completely wipe out islands from existence. Its power is such that it can wipe out even a ship as massive as the Thriller Bark.

Over the years, many have tried to get their hands on the Pluton’s blueprints, such as the Marines, while others like Crocodile wanted to know its location. Unfortunately, the ship hasn’t been revealed yet, but its destructive capabilities are rather well known.

1 Weakest: Miss Love Duck

Belonging to Alvida, Miss Love Duck is one of the weakest known Pirate ships in One Piece. When it comes to sailing peacefully in the East Blue, this ship serves its purpose just right. However, it certainly isn’t made for the harsh weather of the Grand Line and the New World.

It possesses a couple of cannons on its sides, and that’s about it when it comes to its fire-power. It goes without saying that the people on-board weren’t great either, so either way, this ship goes down as one of the weakest known vessels in the entire One Piece series.

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