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Created by Kree experiments thousands of years ago, the Inhumans have carved out a place for themselves. That place is called Attilan and it’s located in the Blue Area of the Moon. Led by Black Bolt, each member of the Inhumans have incredible powers, with most stories involving them focused on the Inhuman Royal Family.

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They’ve fought against Earth’s heroes almost as many times as they’ve stood beside them in battle. Regardless of which side of the line they’re on, the Inhumans are capable of pretty much anything and have the power to back those intentions up.

10 Ongoing Participation in Marvel’s Illuminati

The Illuminati represent some of the most powerful and influential heroes in the Marvel Universe, banding together to chart a course for their world. Unfortunately, they frequently seem to do more harm than good. Black Bolt was one of the first members of this group. When he was absent, Medusa took his place.

This group has inflicted a great deal of unintentional suffering throughout the world. Events like World War Hulk happened directly due to their machinations and interference. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should and sometimes it’s best to leave well enough alone.

9 The Terrigen Clouds Plagues Mutants

The Terrigen Mist is at the core of Inhumans culture. It holds the ability to alter the biology of an Inhuman and give them incredible powers. The Mist was also used to re-power mutants who lost their abilities during M-Day. In an effort to defeat Thanos, Black Bolt used a Terrigen Bomb that stopped the Mad Titan’s plans.

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The downside was it created a pair of roaming Terrigen Clouds on Earth that threatened to make life uninhabitable for all mutants. While this was an accident, the Inhumans fighting to protect the clouds from being destroyed wasn’t. They eventually relented but still let numerous mutants suffer first.

8 Black Bolt Drives Maximus Mad

On the same day that Black Bolt accidentally killed his parents, he also did his brother a great deal of harm. When Black Bolt blasted the Kree ship with his voice, he let loose too close to Maximus. The intense power of the sound drove Maximum mad, resulting in the creation of Attilan’s greatest villain. But this isn’t all Black Bolt’s fault.

The reality is that Maximus was a bad guy in the first place. The accident on the day of their parents’ death just made him increasingly divorced from reality. When you’re talking about someone who is already leaning towards a life as a supervillain, adding insanity into that just compounds the situation.

7 The Inhumans Take It All

After years of taking abuse from pretty much every empire in the galaxy, the Inhumans finally decide that enough is enough and take matters into their own hands. Their city is apparently also a powerful spaceship that operates using Black Bolt’s devastating voice. They head into space, first destroying the remnants of the Skrull armada, then leveling a portion of the Shi’ar fleet and finally taking over the Kree Empire.

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While it was an impressive show of force, it proved little as the Inhumans were largely unable to control such a vast and tumultuous empire. To make matters worse, it ignited a galactic war.

6 Civilian Casualties

Ordered by Black Bolt, the Inhuman known as Gorgon led an assault team in a first strike mission on New York. The goal was simply to retrieve the lost Terrigen Crystals and return them to Attilan. Unfortunately, one of the younger members of Gorgon’s team took things too far and ended up causing several civilian casualties.

The Fantastic Four brought the Inhuman strike force down, with Gorgon accepting the blame for his young teammate’s mistakes. The Silent War continued from there when Black Bolt himself led a mission to free Gorgon.

5 Karnak Brings The City Down

One of the most interesting members of the Inhuman Royal Family, Karnak possesses the ability to find a fault in anything and exploit it. This makes him a formidable foe for pretty much anyone as everything has a fault. But after the battle with Thanos that resulted in the destruction of Attilan, Karnak is a broken man, wandering New York and single-handedly destroying parts of Manhattan’s Upper Westside.

The Avengers bring him in but they can’t fix the problem. Believing he now sees the fault in the universe, Karnak chooses to throw himself from Stark Tower.

4 The Death of Bruce Banner

As the Terrigen Cloud roamed Earth, it swept over Ohio State University and transformed two students into Inhumans. One of them named Ulysses Cain was given the power of precognition. With a name like Ulysses Cain, you’re destined to get superpowers at some point. One of Cain’s visions showed Hulk standing over fallen heroes.

That vision led directly to a confrontation with Bruce Banner that ends with his death at the end of one of Hawkeye’s arrows. While this was unintentional to an extent, Banner’s death would not have come to pass without the Inhuman’s questionable visions. It was those visions that helped instigate Civil War II.

3 Black Bolt Kills His Own Parents

Black Bolt and his brother, Maximus the Mad, have had issues with each other almost as long as they’ve been alive. When they were younger, Black Bolt discovered that Maximus had been having secret dealings with the Kree. As the Kree ship tried to make a getaway, Bolt blasted it with his powerful voice.

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The ship was destroyed but the wreckage rained down on the city, killing many including Black Bolt’s parents. The accident wasn’t directly his fault but Black Bolt still carries the regret and much of the guilt from that day.

2 The Alpha Primitives

Given the small numbers of Inhumans, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done that simply isn’t. What’s a race of super-powerful beings to do? Clone a slave race, of course. The Alpha Primitives are a population of clones that are strong but have low intelligence. They cannot breed so their only reproductive means is cloning.

Eventually, Black Bolt came to the conclusion that this was wrong, stopped making new Alpha Primitives and let the remaining population live out their lives. Then, the ruling Inhumans changed their minds as they felt the Alpha Primitives were incapable of living that way and the previous arrangement was reinstated.

1 Black Bolt Kills Cyclops

At the core of the fight over the Terrigen Clouds, Emma Frost used the powers of Alchemy to destroy one of the Terrigen Clouds. This didn’t go over well with the Inhumans, resulting in a confrontation with Cyclops. The X-Men’s erstwhile leader stood his ground and defended the actions of his team.

It’s fair to say that Black Bolt didn’t agree since he opened his mouth and uttered but a whisper. If you aren’t familiar with Black Bot’s powers, a whisper can level buildings, a word can level cities and a shout can crack a planet in half. The blast from Black Bolt killed Cyclops on the spot.

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