TWD Pokes Fun at Zack Snyder’s New Netflix Zombie Project

Upon hearing news of the upcoming Zack Snyder-helmed zombie film Army of the Dead, the official The Walking Dead Twitter account decided to poke some fun at the new competition.

Snyder, of course, ushered in the new era of DC Comics films with Man of Steel and, more relevant for this discussion, directed 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The tweet is a reference to the much memed-about moment where Batman and Superman bond over the shared names of their mothers. It’s a turning point for the film and something that has obviously followed Snyder around for some time.

Fan or not of his work for Warner Bros. and its DC properties, Snyder helped pave the way for modern zombie fandom with his 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead, which, coupled with 28 Days Later, rebooted the entire genre. In fact, without the success of that film, perhaps AMC never would have greenlit The Walking Dead in the first place.

Robert Kirkman’s TWD universe actually has more than one “official” Twitter page. 

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This new film from Snyder is said to follow a group of mercenaries into a quarantine zone during a zombie outbreak to pull a heist, and it takes place near or in Las Vegas.

Army of the Dead is expected to begin filming this summer, based on a story by Snyder and a screenplay from Joby Harold, who recently penned the King Arthur: Legend of the Sword script.

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