Valiant Debuts New Tempered Glass Variant Cover

To commemorate the launch of next month’s The Life and Death of Toyo Harada, Valiant Entertainment has announced the debut issue will feature a tempered glass variant cover mimicking antique mirrors while providing a reflective surface.

The upcoming miniseries, written by Joshua Dysart and illustrated by a rotating team of superstar artists, had the gorgeous variant designed by Valiant Director of Design and Production Travis Escarfullery and illustrated by Doug Braithwaite.

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“I thought, how could I translate the title of the book into an effect on glass? So I said, what if we gave the glass a patina texture on half the cover? That way you have the clean mirror as ‘Life’ and the decayed section as ‘Death,’” explained Escarfullery in a written statement. “You can get real nerdy with the idea looking into the normal section that shows life and the textured section that shows decay on the person’s face – a sign of death or dying.”

The variant is the second tempered glass cover by Valiant with this past November’s Bloodshot Rising Spirit #1 also receiving a tempered glass variant, making Valiant the first ever publisher to release a comic book cover in the format.

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Following the titular Valiant villain, the upcoming miniseries will see the corporate mastermind’s resources begin to dwindle leading him either on the path for redemption or even greater evil.

The Life and Death of Toyo Harada #1 is written by Joshua Dysart and illustrated by CAFU and Mico Suayan. It is scheduled to go on sale on March 13 from Valiant Entertainment.

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