VIDEO: The Most Underrated Spider-Man Villains

Having been around since 1962’s Amazing Fantasy #15, Spider-Man has amassed a back catalog of some of the best villains in all of comics. Although pretty much everyone knows the likes of Venom, Carnage and Doc Ock, there are a number of villains that we honestly think are underrated.

Some of the villains on this list have affected Peter Parker’s life in major ways, and all of them are exceptionally deadly. On this list, we’ve included the likes of Black Cat, Tombstone, Shocker and many, many more. We’re also going to talk about the many versions of Hobgoblin, and the one that we think might just be the deadliest. A lot of these villains have also gone on to become heroes in their own right, as is one of the trends with Spider-Man’s best villains.

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Check out the video below for a ranking of Spider-Man’s most underrated villains.

The rights to Spider-Man are shared between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, and it’s unclear when and where many of these characters will appear when they finally make their way to the big-screen. Morbius, who also appears on this list, is set to get his own film, which will star Jared Leto in the titular role. That movie will be the next installment in Sony’s Spider-Verse and will hit theaters on July 31, 2020. Sony was also originally eyeing a film centered on Black Cat and Silver Sable. However, that movie seems to have stalled for the foreseeable future, and there’s no indication when or if it might get revived.

Considering the box office success of Venom, there’s a fair chance that many of these characters won’t cross paths with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s iteration of Spider-Man. However, fans can certainly hope that these characters might just make their way to the MCU.

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