WarnerMedia’s Streaming Service Will Feature Original DC Content

With the streaming service wars between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and their upcoming competitors set to heat up, Kevin Reilly, the Chief Creative Officer of WarnerMedia’s Direct-to-Consumer division, revealed several details about WarnerMedia’s forthcoming streaming service.

While the service still doesn’t officially have a name, Reilly confirmed that it would feature “original DC content” during a talk today at the TCAs.

As Deadline reported, Reilly said that the service would bring together over 42,000 hours of content from DC and other WarnerMedia-owned brands like HBO, Looney Tunes, Turner, The CW and CNN.

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According to Sarah Aubrey, the Head of Original Content for the service, it might be a while before any original programming hits the service.

“Our beta version of the service will not have original content on it,” Aubrey said. “But you’ll see that in 2020 and then ramping up.”

Aubrey added that the original programming would feature programming for all age demographics, but did not say whether that content would be feature-length films or serialized shows.

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While there were no further specifics about the type of original programming offered, it’s worth noting that WarnerMedia currently has several original streaming shows on the DC Universe streaming service that could quite feasibly play a role in WarnerMedia’s plans for the service.

Titans and Young Justice: Outsiders have already premiered on DC Universe, and Doom Patrol is set to launch on the service later this week. The DC service has several other shows on the schedule or in some stage of development, including Swamp Thing, Stargirl, Harley Quinn and another season of Titans.

The WarnerMedia streaming service is expected to launch by the end of 2019, with three tiers of subscription-based plans.

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