What if Paul & Linda McCartney and The Carpenters Were the Same Group?

This is “My Name It is Nothin’,” a look at when comic books guest star celebrities, but their names are changed so as to avoid any legal problems. Today, based on a suggestion by my pal, Fraser, we look at an improbable link between the Carpenters and Paul and Linda McCartney!

In 1973, the original Teen Titans series ended with issue #42. Three issues later, though, DC decided to give the series another chance. Paul Levitz and Bob Rozakis co-wrote the book with Rozakis taking it over full-time in the following issue. In Teen Titans #46 (art by Irv Novick and Joe Giella), the Teen Titans get involved in a storyline that involved rival music groups. One was Peter and Laura McCarthy and their band, the Flyers, and brother and sister duo, The Woodworkers….

These characters are, of course, based on Paul and Linda McCartney and their band, Wings, and Richard and Karen Carpenter of the Carpenters. At the time, the Carpenters were obviously considered the more “old fashioned” of the two groups.

On a complete tangent, check out this awesome collection of Karen Carpenter drum solos…

So a concert promoter decided to have a concert with the two co-headlining, but not only co-headlining, but ostensibly “competing” against each other in a sort of Battle of the Bands…

The only problem is that the villainous Fiddler has transported to Earth-1 from Earth-2, where he always gave the Justice Society some trouble, to go do some music-themed crime on Earth-1, as well!

He kidnaps the McCartheys…

The Teen Titans have to step in and save the day. Meanwhile, the reformed criminal known as Joker’s Daughter (who Rozakis had been using in his Batman Family stint) joins the team in this issue.

Mal Duncan, who has a magical horn, gets into this awesome musical battle with the Fiddler. Meanwhile, Robin and Joker’s Daughter are investigating the kidnapping when Robin asks what the McCartheys were wearing when they disappeared and they are told that they were wearing their typical floppy clothes. Robin discovers said clothes in their room!

Robin has figured out the twist. I am sure you all have, too, since I, you know, put it in the headline, but still, let’s continue!

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