Who Would Win? Captain Marvel Vs. Wonder Woman

Both DC Comics and Marvel are doing something special with Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel. In making them the focus of several upcoming films, they are redefining the protagonist of a comic book movie. These characters aren’t typical superheroes, driven to fight because of some combination of personal tragedy and special gift. No, these are warriors, born fighters driven by loyalty to their people and cause. To further explore that idea, we decided to try to determine which character fit that part the most. To do so, we asked ourselves what makes a warrior, broke the definition up into categories, and determined a winner for each category. In the end, we think we found a pretty fair answer. But do you agree? The only way to find out is by checking out Captain Marvel Vs. Wonder Woman: Who’s the Better Warrior? Happy reading!

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10 Experience: Wonder Woman

When considering who’s the better warrior, we obviously wanted to take into account who has seen more actual wars. The answer to that, clearly, is the centuries-old princess of the Amazons. Diana has seen not just the battles of the modern Justice League, but both World Wars and hundreds of years of Amazonian battles before that. To be sure, Captain Marvel has seen her share of fighting. But nowhere near as much as Wonder Woman.

9 Uniform: Captain Marvel

Both Wonder Woman and Cap have striking, comic-booky outfits to wear into a fight. And fortunately for us, we’ve gotten accurate versions of both on the big screen. However, we’re giving this one to Captain Marvel because her uniform actually grew with her character. From her psychedelic Miss Marvel costume, to the black swimsuit she wore at the end of her run in that role, to the current, jumpsuit-like fighter suit she sports today, Carol Danvers has always been one of the most visually interesting characters in Marvel Comics. In the real world, looks might not help make a warrior. But in a visual medium like comic books? Their suits are their essences.

8 Weapons: Wonder Woman

The Kree have designed some pretty fantastic tech for Carol Danvers, and don’t think we’re forgetting her Stark-Tech battle sash she sports in the comics. But the truth is, Wonder Woman has always had better weapons. From her various magical swords, to the bullet deflecting gauntlets she wears on her arms, to the unforgettable Lasso of Truth,

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Diana’s arsenal is just a little bit better. And can you blame us for thinking so? Kree-forged weaponry is cool. But god-forged weaponry is so much cooler.

7 Powers: Captain Marvel

Just like their costumes, we wouldn’t judge real-world warriors on their superpowers. However, we can’t look at two comic book warriors without them. And while Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel share many of the same powers (super strength, speed, etc.), Captain Marvel’s got one power that puts her above Themyscira’s greatest warrior. We’re talking, of course, about her photon energy. This awesome display of concentrated light is something that Wonder Woman just can’t match, but don’t take our word for it. Check out the amazing power of her photon energy when Captain Marvel hits theaters this March.

6 Training: Wonder Woman

DC Comics Amazons Attack

Like any truly dedicated soldier, both Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman have gone through extensive combat training. However, Wonder Woman’s centuries-long existence once again gives her a win here. Obviously, Wonder Woman trained for much longer than the fairly-mortal Carol Danvers ever did. But even if she wasn’t alive for so much longer, we still think this would go to Wonder Woman. After all, Amazons can take on a galactic threat with Bronze Age-weaponry. You don’t get much better at training your forces than that.

5 Morality: Captain Marvel

From a completely objective stance, you might not want to take morality of a warrior into account when judging them. But since we’re not monsters, we think it’s pretty important. And we’ve got to give this one to Carol.

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Wonder Woman is a hero, no doubt, but there are a ton of examples in the comics of her picking might over right. Consider, for instance, her actions in Injustice. Or in the fan-favorite Flashpoint storyline. These are alternate realities, yes, but the personalities of Diana in these stories are consistent with her canon character. However, we have yet to see Cap go to those extremes, even in alternate timelines.

4 Armies: Wonder Woman

Remember I mentioned earlier that the Amazons regularly take on the most powerful armies in the universe? Well, we know that that’s true of the Kree too, but we think it’s just a bit more impressive in the Amazonian’s case. You could argue that it’s unfair to judge a warrior by her army, but with all the action these characters see alongside their fellow soldiers, we think it’s justified here. Plus, don’t tell us you didn’t have fun thinking about the Kree Vs. the Amazon. We know you did.

3 Mentor: Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Mar-Vell

Wonder Woman’s moral guidance usually comes from an internal place. Yes, she’s got wise figures like Hippolyta in her life, but even the Queen of the Amazons gives pretty bad advice sometimes. On the other hand, Captain Marvel took advice (and the name) from one of the greatest heroes in Marvel history. Mar-Vell was a sage, empathetic teacher and friend, and Carol’s journey would’ve been very different without that guidance. Plus, he never lied to her about her true parentage. Good mentors don’t usually do that.

Looking at you, Obi-Wan.

2 Intelligence: Wonder Woman

When we say “intelligence” here, we are specifically referring to the battle-smarts it takes to be a warrior. And in this case, Wonder Woman’s got more than Carol. Yes, Carol’s proven herself a gifted, brilliant leader of the Avengers on countless occasions. But Wonder Woman’s been one of the Justice League’s key strategists for decades.

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Without pulling the age card for Diana again, Wonder Woman has been a battle strategist since she was born, brought up in a Sparta-like culture where the Art of War was taught just like any other skill. And because of that, we’ve got to give this one to her.

1 Winner: Wonder Woman

Nobody’s saying they’d keep either of these characters from being in their side in a fight. Or that we want to fight either of these characters. Ever. But in our estimation of what it takes to be a comic book warrior, Wonder Woman takes a narrow lead over Captain Marvel. But what do you think? Do you agree with our categories, or would you have judged these warriors differently? Let us know in the comments section below!

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