Young Justice: Outsiders May Give us the Lobo Story We Never Wanted

Young Justice: Outsiders rarely does anything without looking towards the endgame. It’s always looking to expand its world, whether that’s through background information or establishing characters well before they grow into their heroic or villainous identities. Thanks to being on DC Universe, it now has the ability to do so through its credits.

Each episode of the season thus far has had its credits portray an idyllic and uneventful scene set to a soft version of the show’s theme played on the piano. It’s unnerving given all the action and skullduggery that goes on in the show, but eventually you get used to it and just take in the sights of Wolf sleeping or the Supercycle beeping while being parked. In the ninth episode of the season, “Home Fires,” the scene for the credits show the severed thumb of intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo, who got his pinky sliced off by Halo during the episode.

In Episode 11, “Another Freak,” the pinky is again shown in the credits, only different. In the show’s timeline, about a month has passed since Lobo lost said finger. On one hand, it could be another state of decomposition, but that’s too easy. Since Lobo is also an alien, we may soon see the debut of the bounty hunter’s younger self, Lil’ Lobo, or Slobo (short for the conjoining of “it’s Lobo”), as he would sort of come to be known.

In the comics, Lil’ Lobo was a version of the bounty hunter magically transformed into a teenager by Klarion the Witch Boy. With no other options, he joined up with Young Justice. A trip to Apokolips lead to his death. Fortunately, he has the power to grow clones of himself from a single drop of blood, but the horde of them turned on each other not long after being born. There were only two survivors, one who would grow up to look like the adult Lobo and another, weaker teen Lobo who stayed with Young Justice and whose body eventually degraded to the point of death.

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If all of that sounds complicated, that’s because it is, but it’s likely something the show would try and tackle. The bones for this part of Lobo’s story are all there. Beyond the thumb, Apokolips is a big player in this season’s storyline, and the Young Justice team has a habit of taking in strays and outcasts. As much as Superboy and Miss Martian complain about having to adopt Victor Stone, Forager, Halo and Geo-Force, the kids clearly aren’t going to be leaving their home anytime soon, and a teen Lobo would just be yet another stray to keep track of, albeit one who can cause much more damage.

Lobo has only shown up in Young Justice twice so far, both times as an unknown servant of the Light. But the last thing to happen to him in the comics of real significance was him joining the Justice League, albeit mostly reluctantly. Unless something incredibly drastic changes, that’s definitely not going to happen on the show, but the Young Justice team or the Outsiders are a good alternative, since they’re no strangers to hotheads. And given that he’s been both in the League and a Green Lantern in the world of Injustice, this would be far from the most outlandish thing to happen to him.

Young Justice has a history of taking stranger parts of a character’s history and giving them space to breathe. The Main Man has only been a bit player in the show’s grand scheme, but since he’s soon arriving on the small screen in Krypton and possibly getting his own movie, making a part of him a relative good guy may be a calculated move to make sure everyone knows who he is.

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