Zachary Quinto Reveals Origin of NOS4A2 Villain’s ‘Christmasland’

NOS4A2, an adaptation of the novel by Joe Hill, is heading to AMC. The story follows an ageless character who feeds and survives off the energy and life force of children. Zachary Quinto (Star Trek) portrays Charlie Manx, the villain of the story, and recently explained how his character rationalizes his actions.

According to Quinto, Manx believes he is doing the kids a favor when he feeds off them. He is so delusional by his deeds, that the place he dumps the children after he finishes with them is called Christmasland.

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“It’s a place that Manx has created with an actual deep belief that it’s a destination of joy,” Quinto told TheWrap. “He genuinely believes that he’s giving [the children] a better life, which is obviously really f—ed up.”

NOS4A2 is very similar to stories written by Hill’s father — the Master of Horror, Stephen King. The novel, released in 2013, tells the story of Charlie Manx, a child abductor who drives a vintage Rolls-Royce Wraith with the license tag “NOS4A2” (pronounced Nosferatu).

When a girl named Vic is able to escape Manx, the two become interconnected when she starts to receive harassing phone calls 12 years later from kids in Christmasland blaming her for Manx’s arrest. The way the story is set up, Vic is able to take a “short cut” to get from one place to another really fast — including traveling to a second state in just a short walk. This includes the way she is able to get to Christmasland, the resting place of the souls of abducted children.

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Quinto explained that because Manx was subjected to trauma and violence as a child, he transferred his unsuppressed emotions into the exploitation of the children when he grew older. Manx would then feed off the life force of the children and leave them as barely human ghouls when he was finished — but in Christmasland, every day is Christmas.

The AMC version of NOS4A2 will include a slight change in the book’s story. In the 10-episode AMC series, Vic will still be a high school senior, so it sounds like the 12-year flash forward won’t happen and everything will occur in the original timeline when she first confronted Manx. Ashley Cummings stars as Vic.

While there is no word on anything past the first season, there is always a chance that if the NOS4A2 TV show is a success, there could be a second season with the story taking place in the later years after Manx is arrested, dies and resurrects himself to haunt Vic once again.

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AMC’s NOS4A2 stars Zachary Quinto, Ashley Cummings, Olafur Darri Olafsson, Virginia Kull, Jahkara Smith and Ebon Moss-Bachrach. It is scheduled to premiere this summer.

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