JOKER: New Still Sees Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck Cracking A Demented SmileJOKER: New Still Sees Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck Cracking A Demented Smile

JOKER: New Still Sees Joaquin Phoenix's Arthur Fleck Cracking A Demented Smile

Joker is fast approaching and now a brand new image has been released which features the Clown Prince of Crime attempting to pull off his trademark smile. We also have comments from director Todd Phillips.

Joker will premiere at the Venice Film Festival later this month and thanks to USA Today, we have a brand new look at the DC Comics adaptation. According to director Todd Phillips, he’s always been a fan of the villain’s “predilection for mayhem” and sees the clown for hire’s “descent into madness” as a way to make a 1970s-era character study.

“My goal wasn’t to take Joaquin Phoenix and put him in the comic book universe,” he explains. “My goal was to take comic books (universe) and put it in the Joaquin Phoenix universe.” He adds that there’s “a darkness that (previous) actors probably had to live in” to play the villain and “Joaquin was aware of that. I would say he’s unusually comfortable in that space.”

It’s going to be very interesting seeing how Joker is received, especially when all the signs are pointing to the movie taking some huge liberties with the source material. 

Throw in the fact that an apparent leaked script has been met with a mixed response and it will be interesting seeing how critics and fans are divided with this one. For now, let us know your thoughts on this new look at the movie in the comments section below. 


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