THE GIFTED Showrunner Matt Nix Weighs In On The Possibility Of A Third SeasonTHE GIFTED Showrunner Matt Nix Weighs In On The Possibility Of A Third Season

Uncertain times are abound for Marvel Television.  Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fist have all been canceled by Netflix due to the launch of the Disney+ streaming platform and it’s only a matter of time before The Punisher and Jessica Jones suffer the same fate.  Even more recent, was the news that season 3 of Legion would be the last.  

There’s also the fact that with the merger looming and Disney+ preparing to launch in late-2019, there’s a ton of uncertainty about shows rumored to be in development like Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight. The Winter TCAs already saw the in-development, all-female Marvel superheroine show at ABC nixed.

The Gifted showrunner Matt Nix admitted that there’s even an air of uncertainty around his own production while addressing the crowd at the Winter TCAs.

I guess the bottom line is, and I can speak for everyone who works on the show, we’d love to do it again,” said Nix when asked about the potential for a third season. 

However, he quickly implied that enthusiasm for a third season would erode if the Disney + Fox merger resulted in any hard boundaries being placed around the show’s creative process.  “…In conversations I’ve had with my writers, everybody feels the same way, which is nobody would want to come back to terms that made it impossible to do a good show, and frankly we wouldn’t say yes to that. But the reality is that shows evolve.

The 13-episode first season of The Gifted debuted on Fox back in October 2017.  A 15-episode second season premiered on September 2018 and will conclude on February 19, 2019.  Fans of The Gifted likely won’t have to wait too long to discover whether the February 19th episode was a season or series finale.

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