Superhero Hype’s Best Amazon Game Deals for Oct 19

Superhero Hype’s Best Amazon Game Deals for Oct 19

Need some gaming ideas? Be they video, board, or based on same, our guide wants to aid your fun time. In this ongoing series, Superhero Hype takes a look at some of the better deals has running as of publication time. We look to find highly rated sci-fi and fantasy games both obvious and not, that come highly recommended, as well as game-related merchandise. (All ideally are cheap or discounted, of course.) Please note that all deals are subject to change or sell out at any time based on supply and demand. Here are the deals for Oct 19.

Play Street Fighter and many, many other games stored in this plug-in, arcade-style controller. Enjoy HD images and sound with no downloads required, and the ability to rank your favorite games on the system.

It’s tough to enjoy summer vacation when a distortion of reality emerges. As cities across Japan fall to corruption, join the Phantom Thieves and strike back! This acclaimed spin-off features new combat options and a killer soundtrack.

Partly inspired by Game of Thrones‘ Battle of the Bastards, this multiplayer, first-person slasher immerses the player in epic battlefields. Fight multiple foes at once in a combination of first-person battle and fighting games.

The original Mass Effect trilogy gets remastered and optimized for 4K. Time to find a new favorite store on the promenade.

In this ground-up remake, travel to the kingdom of Boletaria and face off against giant monsters, fighters, and demons. Improve your skills with each battle, and even bring in allies when you play online.

Join either the New Republic or Imperial Remnant in a single-player flight combat game set after Return of the Jedi. Join squadrons and fight five on five, and customize your ship. Even play in VR, if your machine is so equipped!

Make your equipment look like it got possessed by a symbiote. With these stickers, attach Venom’s etes and fangs to all your gaming gear. Just don’t let it jump in the lobster tank.

Freeze time and unleash powerful magic, in a fairytale dream world full of giant game boards, where every role of the dice changes the terrain.

Play as cute dinosaurs dodging far less cute fates like deadly lava and extinction. Accumulate points and become the last survivor to win! Then realize that…maybe…WE are the happy little dinosaurs. Mind. Blown.

Gather health points instead of money, and do battle in up to 27 different outfits. Fortnite isn’t just giving Monopoly a new skin; it’s changing the game.

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