Superhero Hype’s Last-Minute Entertainment Earth Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Superhero Hype’s Last-Minute Entertainment Earth Holiday Gift Guide 2021

It’s time once again to explore this site’s partnership with a retailer more specifically focused on collectibles and superhero items, many of which prove impossible to procure on non-specialty sites. Entertainment Earth serves as home to many figures, statues, exclusives and more, tailored to our specific interests. For the collector on your list, they provide a range of products, from super-expensive to clearance. And right now? They have a pretty great last-minute sale going. Take careful note of whether items are in-stock — as of this writing, everything here should be. And note delivery times in order to get the item when you need it.


The vehicle that brought the Autobots from Cybertron to Earth now joins the ranks of the Transformers itself. Turn the spaceship into a gigantic robot, or use it as a playset with the tiny in-scale Optimus Prime figure included. Either way, longtime collectors can finally own the signature vehicle that’s been part of canon for many years. At a markdown, too!


Recreate the moment of Han Solo’s transformation with this diorama piece and your 3-3/4 inch Empire Strikes Back action figures. Raise and lower the carbonite block, and pose key characters around it to showcase your collection. Buy two to complete the classic Star Wars set, or one to display just the camera point of view. Includes a Stormtrooper to help build up Imperial forces.


In the most impressive licensed Playmobil set ever, the classic starship Enterprise includes playable bridge and engineering areas. Lights, sounds, and app controls enhance the action, and figures of the entire main crew come packed in, as well as some Tribbles. Play or display, as the ship comes with both a stand to pose on surfaces, and an assembly to hang it from the ceiling. Pricey, yes, but at $75 off, it might not get cheaper.


One of several action figures finally allowed by the Fox-Disney merger, Mystique is a real beauty. With officially authorized Rebecca Romijn likeness and impeccable body sculpt, it captures the shape-shifter as she appeared in the original X-Men movie trilogy. Also includes a bonus transforming arm to depict her mid-morph.


Grab all the main Eternals in one go, plus an extra Ikaris. (Ajak and Thena sold separately.) Featuring a shiny metal finish and all unique sculpts, this may be marvel Legends’ most screen-faithful Marvel movie wave to date. Open every figure to assemble Gilgamesh from bonus pieces.


With most of NECA‘s Ultimate figures running over $30 now, this oversized xenomorph’s a steal at less than that. The translucent monster can stand on its hind legs like a large humanoid, or ram on all fours like a rhino. Includes a removable head dome.


Whether fans like her for Jurassic Park or David Lynch movies, Laura Dern doesn’t see much action figure love. So snap up this Dr. Sattler cheap, and customize away! Perfect for posing with sick triceratopses or weird men in suits.


The fan-favorite ’90s action figure gets a do-over with extra articulation and accessories. And now he’s even at a ’90s price!


From the Timothy Zahn novels, it’s Dark Side Luke, voluntarily fallen to experience the Dark Side before turning back to the light. And with him, the Force-dampening Ysalamiri, favored by Grand Admiral Thrawn. Part of the relatively rare legends wave, this figure doesn’t show up too often, let alone at a discount. Trust your feelings. You know it to be true.


McFarlane Toys‘ first and probably only Dr. Fate figure hails from the Injustice 2 game. Wearing more armor than usual, he’s ready to do battle, and has the advantage of levitation. Don’t mess with this magic man.

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